Fall 22 Sessions

In the Fall of 2022 we are hosting a competitive programming session every Friday from 5pm to 7:30pm (more information about this below). This is open to everyone interested in competitive programming, regardless of how experienced you are. There is also no commitment, so feel free to show up at any of the sessions. We will have free food and snacks during each session.

If you want to know more information about competitive programming check our about page. We also have a resources page with lots of links to materials of all levels for you to practice and learn more. Finally, if you are thinking about competing in the International Collegiate Programming Contests, check our contests page.

We have a Discord channel, to join please contact Pedro Paredes (pparedes_at_cs.princeton.edu).

Basic Information

We have regular sessions every Friday from 5pm to 7:30pm in Fine Hall 214. You will need a laptop and optionally pen and paper to work on problems.

Each session is divided into two groups: the division I group; and the division II group. You are free to choose whatever group you want and you can switch at any point.

Note that most contest problems have appeared before in other competitions from around the world. We won’t have original problems in our contests unless otherwise mentioned.

Our contests are going to be hosted on a platform called codeforces. You will need an account in order to solve problems here. We also have a group you can join by going to the following link: https://codeforces.com/group/hNnRWqFua0/ (you should click on join on the right in order to access the problems and contests).


Week 12 (December 9)

Week 11 (December 2)

Week 10 (November 18)

Week 9 (November 11)

Week 8 (November 4)

Week 7 (October 28)

Week 6 (October 14)

Week 5 (October 7)

Week 4 (September 30)

Week 3 (September 23)

Week 2 (September 16)

Week 1 (September 9)